COVID-19 Response

It was a difficult decision for our agency to make, but on Friday (8/6/21) during our staff meeting, we voted unanimously to return to online video/telephone based therapy due to the Delta variant of COVID 19 being on the rise in our area. We opted to put this change into effect immediately, due to our two local hospitals' ICUs being full and diverting to other hospitals.

With the Delta variant being as virulent as it is, even vaccinated people are shedding significant amounts of the virus, allowing the virus to spread at a more rapid rate than the original variant. While it is true that vaccinated people by and large are not getting as sick, our agency has several vulnerable individuals on staff and OCC also doesn't want to take part in unwittingly passing the virus on to anyone who is not vaccinated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as Oasis Counseling Center continues to operate as carefully as possible. You've all been wonderful and understanding and we appreciate all of you.

Take care,

Oasis Counseling Center

Oasis Counseling Center utilizes Google Meet - part of the Google Workspace (formally G-Suite) professional services our agency utilizes for email and other features, in large part because of their diligence and encryption. We are finding Google Meet to be user friendly and reliable.