Sex Therapy

What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is the use of cognitive-behavioral techniques to assist an individual client or a couple with attaining a more satisfying sex life. Many of the clients who seek sex therapy are experiencing sexual dysfunction of some type and the subsequent anxiety that comes from having difficulties performing sexually.

Sex Therapy is almost entirely "talk therapy" and incorporates a number of "homework" assignments for the individual or the couple to work on in the privacy of their own home. The amount of progress that clients and couples make in their therapy depends on the time spent completing their "homework" in between counseling sessions.

Counselors who are qualified enough to use the term "sex therapist" have generally completed additional coursework above that required for obtaining a license for the state in which they are practicing. Stacy Sampson, the counselor conducting sex therapy at OCC, has received over 130 hours of specialized training in the field of sex therapy and continues to gain additional knowledge to help her work with clients on these issues.

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Stacy is currently supervising intern Katy Janousek, an aspiring Sex Therapist pursuing her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at UGA. Katy served as the Sexual Health Coordinator at UGA's Health Center from 2008-2018. She has over ten years of both obtaining and providing sexuality training.

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What are some problems or disorders that can be treated through sex therapy?

Some individuals or couples experience difficulties with intimacy or are mismatched in their sexual needs and desires. Issues can occur at any stage in a relationship or at any stage of life. Although anyone with a concern about sexual issues can benefit from sex therapy, some of the diagnoses that lead some to therapy include:

  • Sexual Desire Disorder - men and women

  • Sexual Arousal Disorder - men and women

  • Orgasm Disorder - men and women

  • Erectile Disorder

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Sexual Aversion Disorder - men and women

  • Sexual Pain Disorder - men and women

Other sexual concerns, not affiliated with a diagnosis can be addressed through sex therapy as well.

Note: Oasis Counseling Center, LLC can provide counseling for a wide range of sexual difficulties, but at this time is not equipped to work with clients with pedophilia.