Children, Adolescents, & Adults (5yrs+)


Life transitions, LGBTQ+, Relationship issues, Domestic/Dating violence, Sexual challenges, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Play/art therapy

Specialties: Identity development/challenges, life transitions, LGBTQ+, trans and gender-expansive clients (experience writing letters/coordinating care), relationship issues, domestic/dating violence, sexual challenges, non-monogamy/polyamory, stress, self-regulation, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, trauma, adjustment issues, mindfulness, psychosomatic issues, play/art therapy.

Emily Leeper is a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor who works with individuals, families, and groups. Some of her specialty areas include working with clients from all walks of life who have endured big or little traumas, teens/youth who identify under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, and children facing challenges managing big emotions.

Emily graduated from Wayne State College in Nebraska with degrees in both Psychology and Sociology. She holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, more specifically, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, with a concentration in Diversity & Social Justice Counseling from the University of Denver. She remains active in research and contributes to publications involving psychotherapy outcomes, multicultural frameworks in counseling, diverse populations, romantic relationships, and sexual health. Emily’s approach to counseling is integrative, collaborative, and social justice oriented, centering the individual and the societal experiences you as a client endure as a whole person. It is her goal to help you feel deeply seen, validated, and empowered by first building off the foundations of a strong and trusting therapeutic relationship. Emily utilizes several approaches, often working through feminist, psychodynamic, emotionally focused (EFT), trauma-informed, and mindfulness-based lenses. She enjoys implementing art, play, writing, and bibliotherapy as appropriate. She also is looking to complete training in EMDR in the next few months.

Emily’s counseling has spanned states, settings, age groups, and varieties of populations. In Nebraska, she interned and volunteered at a local domestic violence shelter for a number of years and was passionate about educating others about signs of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. Between her bachelor’s and master’s, she worked at a community mental health agency in rural Nebraska, as both a case manager and residential staff at a psychiatric residential group home, helping those with more severe persistent mental illness get back on their feet. During her schooling at Denver, she interned at a community nonprofit counseling organization guided by queer and transgender leadership, helping to provide counseling services, educational trainings, and therapeutic programs centering queer and trans experiences. Emily also completed hours as a Wellness Intern at College Track in Aurora, Colorado, where she administered both individual and group/workshop social-emotional wellness programming to high school students. Before Oasis, Emily worked for almost a year and a half at Pathways Transition Programs in Clarke and Madison counties, providing therapy for K-12 youth and their families, navigating everything from school challenges, foster care, trauma, self-regulation, and identity development. She is excited to keep building her practice at Oasis!

When Emily isn’t working, you can likely find her in Athens exploring thrift stores, practicing yoga, rocking out at a local concert, doing trivia at a brewery, enjoying spicy food on a patio, roller-skating, or spending time outdoors. She lives with her corgi, Appa, in their apartment where they enjoy slow mornings and coffee on the porch.

Emily's Rate: $95 for individuals & $105 for families per 1-hour session, please see our Rates & Insurance page for more details

Please note: due to Emily working towards her full LPC counseling licensure and completing her LAPC supervision time, she is legally unable to accept any form of insurance. Her LAPC license does allow her to work with Victims Comp clientele & couples looking to complete premarital counseling requirements for the state of GA.